We should apologise for our deliberate mirages


We should apologise…we, for whom the urgent subjects of our all sorts of infatuation are factually mere objects of our distorting imagination

We should recognise….that the reverse of nothing which becomes something and ultimately everything is our most dreaded yet habitual flaw

We should realise…sooner than later that we ought to proffer chances where unfailingly met with caring attitude and let go where shadows of intentional self-indulgence and sabotaging neglect struggle for supremacy

…but, oh, how seducing the grip of scented with happiness delusion is, for the mind incited with the ample beauty of amplifying and beautifying!


The photo’s source

Deplorable venture

She cast the dice
Of deluded hope.
Conjured king? Nope.
Wily joker. The vice,
By virtue scared,
Derided. Un-dared,
The act haunts
With guilt. Flaunts,
The fool, his defeat
Flaunts and it blames.
You zany, to outwit
Probity, flames
Of sheer truth, a must!
Uncapable of trust,
In sabotage, the jester
Mauled his luck. Fester
And qualms below
His insolence, claw
With dreary insight,
His soul: you lost light.

The photo’s source