Different worlds, mortal tendencies

Who would have thought it? Not me
Your origin can stain you as a tattoo
Smile, build up late confidence
From quavery
Plaques. Defy this inherent yet taboo
Tendency of them to encapsulate you
In cassette of unflattering adjectives,
On your background.
Do not self-indulge or exaggerate,
The unjustifiable biases represent
A form of simple defense.
Who wants to be populated
With the poor ones? The fence
On which you crawl towards evolution
Is more approachable
When you detain financial distinction.
So, yes, poor to some is less cultivated,
Unworthy, dirtier, and uglier too
Avoid the wealthy (snobbish) ones if you
Can’t grasp the pointing at you.
Sure, sure, no unfair generalization
Yet, the inspired-by-their-scorns frustration
Is not localized, so it scatters abruptly within,
With filthy rage.
But surely in time you feel increasingly
Enriched. So breathe merrily and easily,
The variety of sorrows will transform you
Into a veritable sage.

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