Sole reiteration

“This is one of the two great labyrinths into which human minds are drawn:
 the question of free will versus predestination. “(Neal Stephenson)

I saw you. You left the tap running when
Passed by recklessly. Men,
Did you know there dwell
Children who die of thirst? Then
I observed as you away elapsed
Two birds that formed a heart shape,
With two blades of obedient grass
On an anniversary card.

And, what a bliss,
They reminded me about a tender yet fierce
Love myth,
Whose origin was fed long ago
To dust and covetous eyes of tears.
Women, bequeath
Your crocheting abilities, not fears,
To your identity stealers, the offsprings.

I was here before, you all too
Through rotten ascendants, the déjà vu
Explained. The immortal genes
Concoct us in resembling descendants
Of the next one, ten, or thousand generations.
No ego of unicity to fondle,
No original indignations.
Smile, nurture, accept, then forget them all.
You are safe, no rifts. They are pieces of you
From after,  now,  and before.

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