13 daily cycles. Open door. A cross of faith?
Amort labyrinth of thoughts.
Is there triviality, is there any doom?
To run on hot shingles,
To juggle through the rotten stumps
Of former stories? When is too early or too late?
How to project the ominous signs in mind,
How to hold on to a wonder
That seems too good, too delicate, too remote?                                                                    
The jukebox: too amorous, too infiltrative.
To linger over?
Or dare to enter and explore this eerie yet familiar
Only time, only time, a refrain.
To cherish the barren, to fall off of grace,
Or unravel the legend of completion?
Nothing overly plain, nor too complex.
13 daily cycles. Closed door. A seal of fate?DSCF07625

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