A New another Year

White pages-of thoughts and sentiments and hopes-to fill.
A new throbbing cycle of errant seasons.
Unordered layers of me, of them, and us, to built
From ideas or facts inspired by stupid or clever brain
Ignitions, inside the biblical blend of water and clay
And breath of life gifted by sacred wise lips.

A new carousel to rummage the religiosity from within,
And to condemn on corridors of intents my pagan fascination.
A new body to feed with air from blood, with hormones,
And some other tidy piles of atoms.
A new enigmatic moon to accuse
For penetrating moments of despair and disgust of you,
Of them, of us all, apportioned in genes in a whole wide world.

A new spasmodic hunting of memorable and slippery states in which
The precision of guns’ target is betrayed by excessive perspirations.
A new cassette of warm wood with incrustations
Of indecipherable egos
In which to crowd, careless, souvenirs of abusive and giddy feelings.
Yes, a new start preceded by ends fated by immutable calendar dates.
A new another year of unoxidable or corrosive reveries.

2 thoughts on “A New another Year

    1. Well, I am crabby (is in my/our? nature ;)), but also dreamy too. Aşadar, mă apostrofez adesea pentru tendinţa de-a prevedea finaluri în începuturi, dar acum mâzgălesc în jurnal surprize de aşteptat in the year to come. 🙂
      Wish you better days and memorable opportunities in 2014, wonderful brave krab607!

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