Another eradicable daylight

9 DSCF0432

In the unfettered gamut of tangled and scattered
Herbs, spines and nuanced blossoms,
Inured to the margins of the dusty pebbled wood path,
Is no aberrant enmity.
The acceptance is so placid and natural that is almost
A psychedelic blow on your vision.
The unmemorable figures that sweat, exchange or retain
Perfumes, toxins and echoes
While passing by
Model a repetitious yet reassuring frame.
Another eradicable daylight.
The lustrous hairs of their untiring and incarnadine-tongue-exposing
Pets envisage a hint of perpetual smoothness.
Sat on the slightly worn by seasons half-trunk-made bench
I suspect the horizon, the lukewarm breeze and the sight of
Crowded houses below the side wall, of
Unselfish languor.
They come, transform, adorn
Create or devastate,
Then, go. In and out.
The moving and movable dwelled shadows.
An awkward plan: to conscript principles of
Deniable catastrophe.
The script is dependent. Finite. Papers with edges,
Restricted mine and gel pencils. Electronic devices?
Tricky and inanimate. Inapplicable.
There is only one prime and ultimate solution:
Pinion the perishable random and special segments offered,
The tangible chimeras.
Your hiatus around here is never ambidextrous.
Here and now. There and then. Separate. Together?
Only indirectly attainable, only for some.
Acting aloof is utterly futile and would deny
You the only time you possess. Of a singular lifetime.

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