Could this one…?

One clear, unflinching, dark yet fragile gaze.
Enough, enough, you can boil me, I can diminish you.
Me until vapors, you until ashes. A phase
Of easy steps.
Nonchalance regarding this unwashed black hair.
Paint flushed red in my cheeks,
Hazy red in my chest, darkened red in my veins.
Strong, limpid, tempestuous. Endless din.
For now. Coincidence?
Two men staring, read their interest
And neglect their noticeable beauty.
Laugh, laugh, hard laugh.
A few texts.
Yes, the bright consistence is reliable. An idea(l)?
A tantrum?
Two shrieks, two, opposed to their calm(s).
Male. Female. A crest
Of fervor, of imagining, of perfecting.
Could this one be my best?

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