To the sensitive ego from my diary

An oasis of sense chained between letters.
My delectation, your patience has silenced the suffocation,
The unalloyed echo of kaleidoscopic sharp angers
Poured in tears, in howls, in vacuity.
This is a dangerous catastrophe,
The path towards this ego of me.
Do leave, do ignore, allow me blame you for all.
“I dig, I dig. As if to unveil the roots, to embrace them
And fondle the delicate soil that lingers on. The impurities.
Too much of a devourer, too less of a reckless.”
The deadly trap sign is on me, can’t you just see?
Stifling tingles on my nape.
The hungry creep wants to get out?
Run, run away frailty, with your romantic visions of dark.
You sweet one, don’t know, can’t see that your naivety
Has the temper of experience?
Mine is mean, integer,
Eager. To possess. It vibrates (full) of cruelty.
Back in your ethereal space, back in my woven web.
Don’t, don’t be my prey, my gravity, my maze.
I consume unreservedly, forbid me feel your taste.

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