Unwind and loll,
A gondola stroll
I will offer-at a price, of course,
To your sponge-like memory.
Scoot, then climb the beech whose reverie
Of appeasement envisages woods full
Of visitors willing to admire, observe
And imprint in their nerve
The beauty. No intent of chopping
Or trashing.

The carousel ride is a tricky attempt,
But full of content
You will breathe in, if you meld
The fears and thrills
In excited courage. Dare!
Don’t despair
When a conjecture
Based on great tips and tipsy remembrance
Suggests splendor in a place sufficed with duplicity.

Roam further, there is abundance
Of worlds to be explored, compared, preferred.
Josh and winnow a disappointment,
A next season appointment
Will flatter your holiday garb.

A city, a fortress, an island, a medieval castle, a chapel,
A beach, a peak, a meal, a souvenir,
A not a fling but adventure, a calenture,
Etcetera and so on,
Could paint in ‘unputdownable lifestyle’ your
Egregiously hungry of running soul.

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