Frames & miens

Is the frame the majority firstly takes notice of.
Elegant or untidy vestments, light or not complexion,
Orderly or erratic movements, all is established
For a reliable or erroneous impression.
Same the vice versa, un- or propitious miens
Dictate the tender, indolent or abusive behavior
They manifest on you.
A bit of ado in a phalanx and an unflattering label
Is glued.
A momentary silence and the vote is pro.
Inescapable, ignominious harangue or serene bliss,
The flowing genes which unfold your deciduous being
Among them.
What is it that we see when we do not seek?
Delusions, chimeras, confusions. Crude or meek,
The mechanism inwards is clicked
On defense or offence
Only at times of utter absence of self or outer influence
On the utopist middle ground of
Pacifist thrills, thoughts, inclinations.
As you meander between worlds and times,
And drag the self and breathe and fill
Your skull and your pondering with
Interpretations and perceptions,
You realize it all, most of the times, rolls around.
Unbreakable circles of bound and rebound,
Boomerangs of actions and reactions.
How fragile we are, so loose at the whim
Of a mood, a minute, a passing
Of ours or of others!
Isn’t that the solving key, the so called empathy?
How would it be, moving inside their skin, thick or thin
Of narrowness, wideness, brightness,
Conformity, and stupidity?
A cognition stream
Would then surely burst
From each and every being towards
The ones crawling and soaring with life all around.
Equally inspired maybe then by the ruler as by the tramp
That same air share
With each and every, with or without care…

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