Seasonal impressions

  • Early spring (March 27)

A luscious redolence of pungent, undefinable essence mingled with honey effusing from the young Lilliputian figure wrapped in a nude jacket strolling ahead of me. A captivating curtain of milky petals contouring a silken carpet on the alley. Silvery hair, watery and inexpressive eyes, all assorted with an air of frailty and an unappealing burgundy coat scattered with dirt marks on its sleeves…a remarkable discrepancy with the scarlet lipstick smoothing her thin lips. Fleeting thought, a flattened heart stoned, with its strident and lively flesh, on her mouth. There is so much to write about, such a plentiful fountain of incentives,  and so little inner organization! An unhinged disposition rivets me right now and renders me incapable to selflessly concentrate on remaking fragments of outer universes in chronicles and verses…despicable actuality.


  • Late spring (May 16)

As long as I can seek a blossom’s heart in the delicate fragrance it releases on wings of sentient breeze, as long as I can shiver fondling with nimble fingers the fresh grass on which I rest my laden psyche…I am sheltered. From the transfiguration of my seasonal neuroses and impotencies in permanency. Because, dewy or ripe, the elixir of verdurous nature doesn’t cease, as my time’s flow repeats itself in solstices and equinoxes, to cast its spell on me. It is a magical incantation of liberation. My obscure sentiments always end melted beneath a sunny sky accompanied by luxuriant unfolding of natural revival…lovely corollary.


The photos’ source: R.&N.’s personal archive

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