Fragment of play (VI)

As mesmerizing as it might seem, even a colored brick wall ahead of you must still be climbed on, crashed through or jumped over, in order to continue your upward journey…

L.:    The unseen is deniable.

M.:   You got blinded, we still feel it. The soul. The essence. The core.

L.:    My mental third is digging me…this dizzying torture can only lead to complete destruction. Is an artistic ordainment of derision that incessantly grinds me.

M.:  Be a boor, provoke it with ignorance.

A.:    One can’t choose to be a philistine; it is by inner, unconditioned, fated nature.

J.:     Too much thinking, too many processes to give a verdict to                                                 Stop missing the epiphany, it is living as if no one else could do.

L.:    A total prick?

M.:   A priggish pig.

A.:     Whatever you choose, just do! If you vacillate, you will replace yourself with an old, wrinkled and failed whiner, without a blink of realization.

L.:    Indecisiveness, indecisiveness, indecisiveness.

M.:  No black, no white, no grey either.

A.:   It emanates a mangy rebuttal, as an almond cake some cyanide savor. A poison that infects with a ghostly craving.

J.:     Of throughout liberation,
        Of ending the frustration.

M.:    Preferably, impervious and purified.

L.:     Purged.

A.:    Oh, dance, dance, dance with me. Engage your regenerative limbs, give a vacation to the scorching nerves!

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