Poker game (with luck)

Life, like poker, has an element of risk. It shouldn’t be avoided. It should be faced. (Edward Norton)

What if I relented my strategy of calculated choices,
What if I doused every discard and pick instant
With hopeful randomness?
I could win for once this poker game.
Pass me the bottle, a wolfish gulp, ready for my nosedive.
You insinuate is a maelstrom that could prove disastrous,
An unbreakable pact that could end my nerves
In a carnage of malfunction?
Move it around, I’ve been swimming in unprecedented by success
Collapse ever since I set foot on this maturity path.
Another hand, please.
Oh, and ring the bellboy in 10 minutes,
I’m gonna need a harder essence
For the final hand. Preferably of fruits preserved
In a dab of damn good luck.
Show your cards, don’t flash your garish suit begging some delay.
Is as simple as cell division: you live if you give
And die if you stay.
My turn, put your arrogance’s sunglasses away.
An aces’ square and a black hearted seven?
Royal flush.
I’ve got you, thug! Is it with anger you blush?
You malefic fortune, now give me back the reigns of my living.
I won. Run off, slandering bastard,
I would never consciously dally with you.

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