Because…for a while

Because of the immovable shadows of your vintage photographs framed in gold and the porcelain dolls wrapped in delicate lace…I would love to stay in your antics store, for a while, dear old lady in velvety lilac dress haloed with perfume of caramel apple.

Because your silver hair of frailty arranged in the simplest bun beautifully suits the rosy lipstick that contours your thin lips whose smoothness derides the fine spiderwebs times drew in your complexion…I would love to try, for a while, to emulate your lost youth while filling the lacunas of your loose recollections with my feverish imagination.

Because the gentleness that trickles from your emerald eyes reminds me of a crystal lake by whose shore I once flew above clouds on my swing and the stoicism of your tone envisages in my heart an ageless rock that no weathers could wear away…I would love to keep, for a while, your spirit’s sparkle as a firefly’s specter in the translucent jar of my apprehension.

Because when my eyelids close, blurring my mirror…I would love to be you, for a while, decades from now on.

The photo’s source

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