In a hall of respite

Something eddies the common routes
 Of volatile thoughts.
 Is light as dandelions puff
 And it carries me slowly
 Ahead on another intricate highway.
Beyond my spongy comprehension,
 The slippery anxiety has uncoiled
 And evaporated its caustic tingles.
 What is the dainty fondness that
 Wears down our stormy thrills?
I don’t know yet its lucid scope
 But my tense mind appreciates
 Its loosing of my whimsical states.
 Sat in a hall of respite filled with strangers,
 I relish the cotton fluff-like numbness
Caressing the soft walls of my pith.
 All while awaiting a momentum to take us
 To a mightier chapter
 Or at least to a more prosperous
 Realm of abiding chances.

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