Artistic versus commercial

Chasing your fears is the uttermost demand for a veritable artist in order to evolve. Otherwise, your dedication is questionable, your creations incomplete. Mitigated. This is an innacurate yet reliable quote I have extracted from marvelous Marina Abramovic’ s video linked below. It is, I reckon, a rather plain but pertinent and truly encompassing principle for genuine and potentially enduring work. Perfectly isolated from external interpretations, one can pursue the fickle and meandering mazes of their creativity, without being haunted by compromise-inducing notions such as “relatable”, “pleasant” and “notorious”.

Commercial quests streamed from an intramural flame of artistic vision marred with vanity are ordinarily embroidered with recognition that extends beyond a reduced niche of similar beings. One could easily enumerate trivial tools whose unceasing usage eventually leads to the much sought recognition on a considerable scale. Following current tendencies in music, employing tricks as SEO and organized-in-simple-lists content in writing, tackling certain themes and subjects in painting and sculpting, are only a few of the overly abused tricks as to achieve (merely material) prosperity and inflate the ego. Avoiding perpetually peculiar directions, inedited metaphors and complex matters, undoubtedly pushes you down a slope that will eventually land you in the majority’s (cess)pool. Virtually, one can often acknowledge the reaching of their aim by means of online statistics, social media likes and so on.

There is a price to pay when you deliberately choose one of the two variants. If true to your bare creative self thus artistic, outer incongruity. If true to your conceit thereby commercial, inner combustion. Intermingled? A slightly unattainable Utopia or, if palpable, mainly occurring posthumously. The most suitable solution for lovely combination of *indelibly-valuable-for-posterity-and-artistic and *commercially-successful-and-prosperous creation? Would probably consist of gradual unreeling of your idiosyncratic vision starting from the shallow and less representative (but nonetheless undeniably present in all of us) layers as to assemble a consistent audience and then finishing with the exposure of the authentic core. This, if one aspires to live on her or his art and do it decently.

Myself? Have only paid attention to my casual sides when elaborating professional (Copy)writing work meant for commercial publishing…have not compromised so far my creative spirit in intimate creations of poetry and prose. But I might soon conclude the necessity of paying personal attention, time and energy to those unsophisticated parts of my life that comprise daily routines and surroundings too… though never in a dull and regurgitated manner as so many alleged “artists” nowadays. Until then, I will limit myself to expressing the marrow of my senses….never intended for, and rarely comprehended by, “the masses”….and shiver with delight when few sentient creatures grasp it, appreciate it and mirror theirs in.

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