A sea of this rabble

Overly critical? Unfairly subjective?
Or crudely accurate?
I find them lame, pitiful and ridiculous.
They dye their hairs in false tones
To feel different. Or to hide some rebellions
Of white.
Veil their corporeal imperfections in the disguise
Given by a thick layer of makeup, a surgical refit
Or a heavily-distorted-in-edits picture.
(Too often careless about the inner flaws
Or their core’s vacuum.)
Gross paint as a second face.
Colored, faintly smelling. Discreet?
They stumble awkwardly, or walk crossing slightly
Their legs, making cautious steps
On heels that put their soles
In oblique inclination.
Torturous practice to gain a few cm of confidence.
Defying the biological flatness, the straight feet.

Shiny   flimsy   showy: bags, shoes, accessories.
Tight, revealing, stupefyingly costly. Hideous or strident
Hues cover them in clothes.
Chat, blab, gossip. Move around affected.
Chase men with fluttering
Fake or mascara-full eyelashes.
Upright posture, prominent chest
Subtly sustained by voluminous pads
Or silicone bags.
Can’t help but wondering,
Do men too waste their time in toilets
Painting covers on features,
Arranging fabrics on skin, flesh, bones,
And checking their appearance from every angle?

There are many, so many robotic waves,
A sea of this rabble.
I feel entrapped in the impossibility
Of grasping this shallow
 Self-doubting yet self-important majority
Without disgust and snigger.
Yes, wearing bodily masks during rare occasions
Is reassuring, even artistic, I admit. But to live
Your daily life
While you continuously hide
Your honest bare self is incontestably
Too worthy of shame and blame
Utter hypocrisy. (to me)

Promise, gravely promise, I won’t efface
The real earthy me, out of vanity or insecurity,
At least thirteen years
By now on. Before I reach the tricky edge
Of 40, the outset of middle age.
So, keep my ebony hair with white hairs or not,
And my flaws-full skin at least more thirteen.
More, never, never will
Scoff in discomfort my tiny height
Or renounce the exclusive passions
For somber and simple shades
And only meaningful to me
Unpretentious paraphernalia.

*  27 May 2013 *

The photo’s source

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