In your eyes

In your eyes I have discovered the crux of my aimless meandering,
The iota of indelible truth longed for ever since I unfolded my
Proffered anima from the maimed womb of my gory goddess.

It did not feel as if a reed pierced my irides with recognition, nor 
Did I perceive myself lightsome and sentient as never before,
Only a tremor of hebetude has subdued my drive ever since.

Is as if the un-genuine chicory nuance that has captured me inside 
(such lovely illusion of Tyndall scattering when we only possess
dark pigments...) dragged me in an inescapable cul de sac

Where, safe and sound, I dazedly feed on its sultry sparkle. 
It is bizarre, isn’t it? how empty and certain I can now vibrate
Towards you, a docile golem brought to life by an unexpected charm.

Is too eidetic this suspected tyrant’s gaze that maneuvers me,
A rag doll in your arms’ locked circle, staring, always staring in you
As if I could find there my vantage point of valid existence.

The photo's source

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