Frozen*in*time moments

As I sit comfortably in my pajamas and languorously sip
The honeyed cranberry tea from my dark-glass cup,
I sense trickling within a marvelous sentiment of lit
Happiness mingled with a belief that, with a globe of luck,
The Christmas lights and decorations will summon the snow
And a magical milky blanket will soon cover the view
From beyond my window. Till so, I admire the surreal glow
Of the stars hung on the evergreen tree competing with the blue,
Scarlet and yellow flames dancing frantically on walls
From the terracotta fireplace. More, I relish in the wintry smell
Of the orange peels spread in the cookies’ box and calls
Of frozen*in*time moments I unleash with the nostalgic bell
Sound of carols. The whispered prayers now-only feel
Almighty. The exchange of platitudes, smiles and kisses, real
As the thrill in when our palms unite, tingling warmth
Amorously veiling this blossoming memory of light heart.

The photo’s source



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