Better New Chapter!

While stuffing my J shape with cheesy spaghetti bolognese, tiramisu liqueur and mango, I can’t resist the tingling impulse to fill a diary page with calligraphic writing, purposely stylised. I mean, my skeptical ego always demands a decent appearance for a delusional wish list…to compensate its futility. Because, no matter how limitless my reservoir of ambitions and perseverance is, I know that obstacles such as erratic circumstances (rejection, lack of synchronisation, denial)  and personal defects (procrastination, self-indulgence, mood swings) are undeniably tangible, and things deviate from what’s meticulously planned.

But this time, rather than decorate with beauteous Gothic handwriting *paragraphed in limpid aims* the first page of a new chapter, I will simply enumerate my previous year’s failures and their motives. Cross them out with mean gusto. Then, unburdened of deprecating self-analysis and reproachful pangs, armed only with pure creed, I will quote a chorus. Because this time I genuinely desire only what is stated in the title of this song I ritualistically listen to, during this final(e) time of the year…don’t <better days> encapsulate all that’s “meant” and stays? 🙂 To me and us all, better new chapter & days!

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