Not the right storyline (after VII, c’ést fini)

“What happened?”
“Nothing. No step followed mine.”

“What did you lose in the process?”
“Dim footprints of hope. A chunk of unadorned sincerity.”

“Whose vanity got wounded most by it?”
“Definitely his. Mine got freed of his romanticized& groundless image.”

“Whose breath will you seek now on the blank canvas during the sleepless nights?
“His who dares to return the text.”

“Where will all this take you?”
“Not in a mediocre and fearful vibration, that’s sure. Nowhere. Or above.”

“Where can the pulse be checked without danger of misreading?”
“In our secrets. In that wavelength on which we not only emit but get perceived.”

“When will this catharsis be reached?”
“When the story bruising my hot skull is second-stepped by another’s bold heart.”

The photo’s source

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