~Forgetful fluctuations~

~~ and we fly, run and stumble across tricky roads marked with heavy clouds of mists and sparkling tears of shrieks,

~~ and we try, nourish and dare to take leaps of faith in societal lotteries,

~~ and we fail, comprehend and rewind our direction guided by compasses broken in claws of renewed hope,

~~ and we swallow our pitiful awkwardness, introverted penchant and crippling fears only to reach out to numb walls of misinterpretations,

~~ and we wait, cope and model days of dragged living out of deserted dreams,

~~ and we sip, caress and despise the strands of love proffered on sanctified trays to dull rejection providers,

~~ and we dig, unnerve and mangle the greedy roots of intimate expectancies from concrete-made spirits,

~~ and we still, enwreathe and abandon on translucent rivers of regrets the timeless instants of gaze meeting and awful misreading,

~~ and we learn, trust and adopt the coolness of never melting snow-stars on top of inadequacy mountains,

~~ and we murmur, wave and choose goodbye over bouquets of thrusting feathers smeared with unfixable disappointments,

~~ and we dread, elude and doubt the one thrill which transfigures the penury of our disturbed substance into luxuriant heartbeats of sheer love,

~~ and we crave, hunt and forgive the woven mysteries hatched from blunt evasiveness and inflated carcasses of void,

…out of inhuman agonies of loneliness and human vanities of worthiness.

The photo’s source

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