Anecdotic- like: on the plane

* If the rattling chatterbox behind me could pile up his gibberish inside a balloon        as gaseous molecules, he would probably manage to fly higher than this actual        plane…
                   so voluminous is his unceasing talk, talk, talk
                   as if he were a mechanical duck
                   whose maneuvering key is stuck
                   in a glitch that keeps twisting the switch
                   without any faint intentions to stop.


* If the IQ values of the human ants in a crowd below were summed up
   I am afraid it would only suffice to construct
   A humbleness bridge long enough as the one that
  The laborious insects I once spotted at
  The natural history museum used to walk
  On, to carry leaves and crumbs from a side to another, with gut
  That most humans lack:
  Dare undertaking altruistic, over-sized work. Bad yet hilarious thought.


* If the mannered clever would lose their temper and wit
  As the brainless-like, haughty ordinary with
  Frequent loquacity and flaunting appearances on TV
  The whole picture would surely be
  Less monotonous and more bitter than sweet…
  Yeah, a truly joyful and idealistic fit.


* If the sharing of air
  Would have to be fair,
  The lewd and idiotic would choke on their greed
  Luckily for them, they can soak insipidity at full speed
  While brandishing their blunt way and shallow creed

The photo’s source

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