You know a heart has 4 chambers, yes, you do.
However, that only one lung 3 lobes, the other just 2,
Very unlikely.
Anatomy has Latin origin; it means to cut. Into depth.
Without bandaging.
You also know that their silences tickle your curiosity,
And that during snobs’ monologues you can benumb
Your body, for undeserved, polite and formal
Patience tires and bores.
But, well, rules of manners support
The human society’s column of 33 or 34 vertebrae.
Furthermore, it horrifies you more than tempts you
The idea of revolt,
Of not wasting slippery time units in some or others,
Passengers and unimportant.
It isn’t wise to attract vindictive attentions.
Close your eyes, tolerate and stupidity and errors.
For acceptance wears burdensome
Yet elegant clogs.


P.S. Acute fear can cripple the sinew, but conformist passivity can collapse the marrow.

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