Because life is a playground,

Travel back with me at our inception, satiny falling down a vibrating slide into the light, we, demure, erratic and awkward, weeping our innocence onto the weighing tray, slightly holding our minute breaths when being given the welcome score…fluff, cotton fluff and rosy candies, plump cheeks, trampoline and diaphanous balloons, let’s fly towards the moons…askew painted stars with borrowed rays onto the sketch glued in plain sight over the wardrobe’s door

Let’s move ahead, do you feel the itching enthusiasm fretting your budding thoughts? Hopscotch, the chalk is tossed, the direction chosen, dizzy excitement, ruffled by winds of ambition curls, shimmering droplets of sweat, fingertips smeared with raspberry jam and kisses, motley sweater of incoherent words, sheets soaked with tenderness and frenzy, tangled threads of reliance…blossoming aspirations enclosed into a tiny jewelry box cushioned with burgundy velvet…oh, and how time, only time will decide if the shelter lasts and its metallic dazzle rusts

 We are nearly there now, rest your weary bones against my resilient frailty, gently sip the elixir of undaunted sweetness from the sunset that broods its magic over our melodious swings, unfold your pores into the ripe flavour of irretrievability, trace skillfully now the delicate trenches digging the lax lessons into our once taut complexions…breathe in the last vapours of the authentic perfume which effused our souls in seasonal flutterings of petals, wings and dreams…chase wisely now the fireflies of regrets, let the still tepid ashes of our nearly spent flames soothe your trembling exposures, and keep holding on until the eternal abandon lures us on humming nimbus into that final enveloping night of languid peace

The photos’ source

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