A threshold passed (on human embryos editing)

What would you sacrifice
As the ultimate price
Of self-knowledge and control?
A transforming door
Has been opened, a threshold passed.
Pandora’s box, Gattaca sprouts, nature’s blast?
As ever, is solely the time’s task
To decide.
Did we begin playing mightiness on a slide
Of dehumanisation?
Soon might end up as not nature’s creation
But a prying primate’s in a lab coat.
What’s right and wrong to cope
With, what’s morally fit and unfit
When is the human life you’re dealing with?
Does the intention matter
More than its latter
Potentially hazardous aftermath?
Creativity is the key to innovation, but the lock
Opened in this case is the moral fact
That we are flawed…
So perfection is the sought
And desirable state?
Justifiable this altruistically intended egoism,
Even if we assume the likelihood to disintegrate
All the tiny defects that define our species?
Versed sophism
We all use to excuse
And delude ourselves. But will the humanity
Survive its own alluring cruelty?
Of maiming itself to elevate its self…


The photo’s source

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