I am sorry…

I’ve lost pieces of the love puzzle meant for you only in never~lasting infatuations with others. No, is not fair to dissolve the univocal essence in polyvalent scattering.

I’ve grown more shielded and less willing than before, I could not commit all anymore. No, is not excusable to jeopardise the promised myth in incomplete devotion.

I’ve battered the chaste thrills with polluting desolations more haunting than your touch. No, is not kind to replace when the loyal taste fades in scarcity.

I am sorry…I must say “no”, now I know, the only ever~lasting story is on my own. Dear terror of vulnerability, I now scald my ventures in tricky outer trust. Yes, is self-damning to discard the emulated sentry & bare the woundable flesh…so, I do.


The photo’s source

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