(I) look around and see…

  • people with big mouths and shallow aims prospering more, moving smoother through life, than people with big hearts and altruistic tendencies
  • bias prevailing over empathy, obtuse categorization of a whole being streaming from a plain word of fortuitous affiliation, malice deriding loudest the piety
  • love mangled in ragged bits chased away by carnal shivers’ seekers that applaud themselves and their inner deserts in tedious notions of “independence”, “open-mindedness” and “trendiness”
  •  fear of afterwards dissections, verdicts and rejections shrouding every statement, censoring each impulse, stifling even the raw truths dwelling inside the sincere hearts with its “political correctness” ~and furtively not democratic but autocratic~ association
  • triviality confounded with simplicity, the idea of “self-acceptance” abused in acts of vulgar self-exposure, vanity pigging out on nescience and imbecility
  • genuine artists that could pass validity tests in each historical era since their craft’s inception being marginalised by poorly gifted coxcombs who relish in each other’s luster, promotion and delusion of supposedly “progressive” and “experimental” but factually regressive and chaotic creations

…they abound, or thee


The photo’s source

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