Weirdness (don’t let it touch you)


                    A flaunty coiffure: hair mixed with threads of wire
                    And painted with a pack of ichor:
                    Vermilion, vermilion, as thick as life. Leaking, slipping
                    Among shivery fingers. Painting late violet nails.
                    Psych my mind out: the gauche pique,
                    It constantly denies me the catharsis.
                    I look around and I crave the unsophisticated flesh
                    Of them: they don’t get me, they don’t get me, they don’t.
                    Facetious freak, you make me circumambulate
                    This unbreakable circle of them, disinclined towards me.
                    Unadventurous limbs, you flagellate my energy
                    With your precarious longing of roaming.
                    Free, free, free. And integrated.
                    Or just integer? The depletion obliges me to prevaricate.
                    Charming repartee, you are different, you are special.
                    Unforgettable melody,
                    Don’t let this world touch you, as they will
                    Destroy the most beautiful side of a human being
                    That you’ve still got intact.
                    Five years on, and I am still the same.
                    Less gleeful, I guess, with rounder features, I know,
                    Yet incorruptible.
                    And dreamy, dreamy as a bird that hopes, once,
                    The cage’s door
                    Would be forgotten unbolted.
                    To soar above all. Laughable, laughable line.
                    Am I losing my mind,
                    And implicitly my hearty objectivity?
                    My treasure and my doom, an inimitable oddity.

                                     ~14 November 2013~

The photo’s source

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