Twisted nature

                            Yes, sometimes we will defensively avoid                                                                The ones which we recognise and affect us most.
                            No, we won’t dare to boldly climb the void
                            Of vanity, so fearing rejection and shame worst,
                            Will rather not affirm our rare, deepest feel
                            For another, but lay low, sullen and utterly still
                            Then blame destiny for being left unfulfilled
                            As to manage to diminish and then wilt the thrill
                            Of ransacking regret for our cowardly acts.
                            Yes, we will ignore and deny the clearest facts
                            To justify impulses and words of hay floated away
                            Swiftly and prematurely from our flawed throats.
                            No, we will not cherish the one which gloats
                            Over wealth that can’t be seized or clawed.
                            Yes, we will admire the one that moaned
                            With primeval ecstasy and whose abusing way
                            Got them piles of coloured papers, and will betray
                            The unquavering mutant who stood their ground
                            Instead of obliging standards of the mob around.
                            No, we will not reward the flame which cools
                            When all others scorch the marrow, nor the fools
                            That kindly smile their way through the alleys of hell.
                            Yes, we will use screens to sense less and tell
                            More, also will chisel that which defies the shape.
                            No, we will not move forth with philanthropy and faith
                            But with strenuous labour and relentless push.
                            Yes, we will hide from morals in the anonymity’s bush
                            And pretend that the trend is the sole way to be
                            As to survive alienation in a self-glorious society.

The photos’ source

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