An angelic dream…


           There was a monastery or a church in my dream.
           I couldn’t recall clearly.
           I was up, on a precipitous margin
           By the pendulum or the bell of its tower
           And about to fall. 
           Or stumble. Maybe jump?
           I couldn’t recall assuredly.
           A sudden apparition, you behind me.
           Did I turn around, did I see you mirrored?
           You caught me in your arms 
           ~ safety halo pervading in ~
           Floated us on the ground, 
           And then walked on the sandy path in front of me.
           Leaving? Leading?
           I couldn’t recall heedlessly.
           It all dissipated into unwanted awakening.

           What persists, as a tempest of cathartic sobs,
           Is the epistle that it had inscribed in 
           My staunch substance.
           The mellifluous discernment of 
           Own sacred guardian,
           And the grisly, aching thought 
           Of never finding you again. 
           Of roaming unceasingly, paragon of utter devotion,
           All around this world
           And never seeing again your scintillating black hair, 
           Never feeling again
           Wrapped in a protective creed of undoubted belonging
           In your red cloak. 
           Of elapsing a lifetime alone. Asunder.
           Oh, haul me up again 
           Now that I am too down here, I provoke you mine
           Shattered in dawn's light dream!

The photo’s source

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