The gramophone and the twin chairs

“You two are pretty much introverted woody things, aren’t you? I mean, it has been quite a while since they brought you here and no word to crack the silence, except when the floor is under their weighty pressure. “

“…Well, we are what we were meant to be, in fact. Just like you. So, as these biped creatures seem to very much seek what they lack, balance, probably that is the reason why they actually put us here next to you. A melodious and vivaciously verbose thing next to 2 languid and rarely rattling ones.”

“That’s a good one, darlings, it really is! So, as to equalize my merry clatter which they engage so often to toss away their weary ambitions or simply squeeze in refreshing dance their taut fleshy shells, they pondered it might help to bring around 2 flowery, emo looking and silent…so, implicitly boring chairs? Don’t flatter yourself! They don’t give a crap or a damn selective thought about us! This is a flea market, not a luxury shop, poor dreamy things! We are ditched here, no polishing intention of revival. All that you had witnessed before here is the best, behind you. Don’t expect much from now on, really! But making fun of misery is my business, so if you want, you can cheer your gloom up with me!”

“Do what, dance away the prospect of reality? The truth is, we don’t agree with you. They could have never done this to us, that’s a promise we can make with all our eight limbs. Oh, if you had, indeed, witnessed what we have, you wouldn’t be so quick with your unpleasant conclusions!”

“Oh, my, is that what I did? Got you into the confessional mode? Ok, go ahead, we three know that is what you itch for right now! But my only condition of keeping quiet and listening to you is that you, the one on the right, utter too. I mean, I can see in your flickering nuance that you agree in unison with your twin, but I would like you to equally participate, to make your rasping echo heard too”

“I am afraid that is not achievable…my sister lost her voice after milady…passed away. She was always a bit more refrained than I and, although I suffered then and when our sir vanished too soon after, I am more willing to explain it all. Because, if they somehow do what you suggest, we will end up as ragged dolls’ fabric destined for paupers’ daughters, and firewood, sooner than you end up as recycling glitchy implement. So, what we witnessed must be passed on as to–”

“Is ok, brother. I can genuinely do it once and for all, I reckon. All that was to be lost for me is long gone anyway, what more could I butcher with a blunt and subjective rant? I will tell him our story, that’s it, their story.”

“Oh, I can’t believe that you are –“

“I am not, remain tranquil, I will then return to my apparently serene disposition. Are you ready, steadily sat there, Mr. Gramophone? Because what you are about to hear is, well, rather moving, if not heart quaking, stuff.”

“Sure, sure, please, go ahead. I promise not to interrupt you, no matter how irresistible this urge might be.”

“Good. So, it goes like this…”

 ~to be continued~

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