The creepy Teddy and the delicate Dolls

I was a birthday gift,
So they were.
I, for a brief, swift
Teddy phase. Care,
Did they care about?
Not, but out loud
And often expressed
Scornfully how pressed,
Delicate and valuable
Their attire was, compared
To my messy fluff. Arguable
My then motive…but I cared.
Yet, I served them as a dog
More loyal than a human mob.
Out of fear…but not for me,
For the suave child, my glee,
The little girl that roamed about
And in whose play I sought
To joyfully take part.
The Dolls were truly devilish,
I know dare to admit…
Just as I behaved, foolish,
Ceding to their wicked
Whims. Yes, I procured nightly
Their sugar, which they lightly
Mixed with the red flow
Drained from the inept and low
Beings that worshipped them.
Their painted fingers, stem
Of sucking dainties hid.
So, after emptying the pith
Of each chocolate candy,
They found really dandy
The idea of cunning deceit:
A refined mixture
Of my stolen sugar and thick
Crimson rivulet, they poured
In each precious mound
Of milky and smooth
Cocoa. Thus, not seldom, sick
The served guests of my dear,
Allergic to it,
Fell. Soon, her tear
Of panicky marginalisation
Awoke in me the sensation
Of guilt, guilt only streamed
From my sheer adoration;
And I mourned and screamed
For her unfair dolour,
Then confessed…
“See…my untidy fluff, my colour
Of creepy soil, suit me best.
I deserve my ugliness.”
But a voice replied, “your kindness,
Even though mangled, is above all”
“No. Their beauty, the venial quality.”
But the voice added, “inhumanity,
Mist veiling lethal hole.”

The photo’s source


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