(First stage)
                                  It was the back of a leaf I was suspended on.
                                  Day after day.
                                  A projected dart in undistinguished pile,
                                  On the primordial source of chewable vitality.
                                  Verdant sap gurgling.
                                  Polished with ivory and sprayed as doppelganger,
                                  All it took to denote my bona fide core of unicity
                                  Was grasping celerity.
                                  I hatched first, and driven by a code intercepted from
                                  Deceitful birds whose eggs redo those from foreign nests,
                                  I feasted on the obedient frond
                                  As an omnivorous, prying baby.

                                  (Second stage)
                                  A burst ~instant of anchored sparkle
                                  As of unconscious yet loyal
                                  In their self-destructive nature fireworks~
                                  And I found myself a stubby, ugly creature.
                                  Wisp of hairy repugnance. A complete facile prey.
                                   No tint of gold, no roundness, no smooth implication.
                                   Only utter hunger, a sort of black hole born
                                   Within; voracious and eager to engorge
                                   More and more sources of fuels and manuring.
                                   It grew and grew,
                                   Week after week shedding its skins as copra,
                                   Crawling on sinuous branches
                                   And stems, knowing nothing but grubbing.

                                   (Third stage)
                                   Then, possessed by an intimate vernacular,
                                   It slumped on a shrub in tandem with the winter,
                                   And sprouted its own harbour of stupor.
                                   Solicitous shroud. The crusty chrysalis.
                                   Seasons passed by, year after year, and deep shut
                                   In its enclave of concealed privacy
                                   The grotesque harpy,
                                   Shoved once solely by ravenousness,
                                   Began its capitulation to a transfiguring sentience.
                                   From its depths unfolded wings,
                                   And nuances pulverized their membranous essence
                                   With angelic splendour.

                                   (Last stage)
                                   At last, I jagged its constraint and flew into existence.
                                   I am an effusive butterfly, with the momentous quest
                                   To live my few days’ life breathing only
                                   Inculcated itinerary of love story
                                   And perpetual facsimile.
                                   The tremor of my antennae is a disguised signal,
                                   Chaplet of waves constructed with tumult
                                   And suave giddiness.
                                   The magical hoops of dust I leave in gracious flutters
                                   Behind, scattered on chaste or cunning corollas,
                                   Omens of blaze.
                                   Shreds of diaphanous heart for the one
                                   Whose frame spells perfect impetus to me: soulmate.


The photos’ source

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