Deserted scenery

A filmy impression of ragged rocks tethers
The effusive vision of exalting altitude.
Cantankerous filter of diluted~in~rising globules
Breathed out of ponderosa pine and other
Giant, unrecognized bundles of
Potentially durable fire kindling.
A hypnagogic desire encapsulated inside
A vitreous box of immortalisation. Instant snapshot.
Up here, you can sense prongs of intercession
Tickling your prayers, nourishing
Your credulous ideologies.
Out of secret crevices, sources of instinctual venoms
Rise. Billows of smoky wilderness,
Untameable roots of
Never blinked or winked poikilotherms.
The homeothermy insinuates intrusion
On this thin air that deludes retinas,
The dusty scab scattered above the badlands.
Up here, the thirst is like a constant thump of hammers.
It accesses your organic levels as an uncoiled
Equation of imbalanced private chemistry.
Never stare blankly the high nakedness.
The afterglow of stabbing, derogatory nostalgia
Damages the steadiness of your footsteps
Down the abrupt gorges.
The only indulgence that could settle within,
In this deserted land of suspended temporality,
Is the sensation of vaporous fabric that swells around you.
Gentle, as a delicate sodden~in~satin touch.
It provides you a trace of preservation.
Of oblivion…Of earthly aims and possessions.

The photo’s source

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