“If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing.” (Pascal’s Wager)

 If you could toss
The ceaseless dross
Of smooth & secure
For rugged allure
Of frail certainties,
How much you would
Allow yourself to bleed
In the revealed
Realm of pestilent blows
As the gloom flows
Over your hopeful wrists?
Please, fill my fists
With thorns of "no".
Am not unworthy soul,
I'll take it whole
With dignified grace
And ensanguined gratitude.
Don't fill my eyes
With poisonous cries
Of ignored plea.
I'll not forgive thee,
But willingly forget
Till no dust is left
Of the cranky spell
Cast upon myself
By an eager fit
Of own delirious pith.
If you later dare
To remotely care,
When later is too late,
Better inscribe on a slate
Of godly faith
A taintless "adieu", don't break
The serenity of missed fate.

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