Sotto voce

It was alveolate, the exquisite haven of tide and fire
Where they vibrated, sotto voce, their day.
He studying the phenology of love, she fixing a lyre
Of trust. In that era, no canopy of dire
Treason flagged the joy from the intimacy of their lay.

Oh, but divagation is what leads ahead!
*Even when it unreels most splendid thread?*
Pause for harrumph. Alright, I will instantiate:
An ophidian squirmed its cunning in their fate,
Gifted them cannikin of lust on a lucre-made plate.

Sui generis, their polarizing walnut-shaped bits
Tossed apart the bliss of intertwined pits.
Now, in a smorgasbord of temptations each
Seeks to confusticate the longing meats,
While minstrels dissect their waltz of perpetual glitch.

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Thesis & antithesis

Wickedness? Oh, poor dear!
 Synonym of trite and pesky whim
 Kindliness? Oh, lush brim!
 Of elevated ones' vessel of tear

But fun blossoms thoroughly in profane
 The throbbing urge must not, in vain,
 Be smothered just for the hemisphere
 Of moral, cerebrally embedded on right, its fear
 Dulls the exaltation of primeval leer

Yet the feast which spoils ever forecasts
A gloomy finale, everything that lasts
Is moulded and chiseled with integrity.
Choosing the all too accessible bubble
Of destruction, perfidy and temerity
Over the ceaseless, ennobling struggle
Of limpid creation, is choosing to sink
In an overly populated ocean of filth
Over living exiled on an isle sans guilt


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Deplorable venture

She cast the dice
Of deluded hope.
Conjured king? Nope.
Wily joker. The vice,
By virtue scared,
Derided. Un-dared,
The act haunts
With guilt. Flaunts,
The fool, his defeat
Flaunts and it blames.
You zany, to outwit
Probity, flames
Of sheer truth, a must!
Uncapable of trust,
In sabotage, the jester
Mauled his luck. Fester
And qualms below
His insolence, claw
With dreary insight,
His soul: you lost light.

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Straight face

Straight face
When autotomy of fear loses your grace
Straight face
When lachrymal wells stain your lace
Straight face
When greeted with pickled distaste
Straight face
When the all resonates with waste
Straight face
When only the nothing is in place
Straight face
When crumbled in cobalt blaze
Straight face
When forsaken for the sly chase
Straight face
When no thrill in his stagy embrace
Straight face
When the hope's bell corrodes its pace
Straight face
When you ruin most resplendent glaze
Straight face
When corrupted by the perilous race
Straight face
When the urge quenched by delays
Straight face
When outwitted by those who replace
Straight face
When soul's famulus betrays its gaze
Straight face
When minatory nugacity seizes past phase
Straight face
When the Barmecide dances in your maze
Straight face
When still yours a chiliad of loving craze

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