We should apologise for our deliberate mirages


We should apologise…we, for whom the urgent subjects of our all sorts of infatuation are factually mere objects of our distorting imagination

We should recognise….that the reverse of nothing which becomes something and ultimately everything is our most dreaded yet habitual flaw

We should realise…sooner than later that we ought to proffer chances where unfailingly met with caring attitude and let go where shadows of intentional self-indulgence and sabotaging neglect struggle for supremacy

…but, oh, how seducing the grip of scented with happiness delusion is, for the mind incited with the ample beauty of amplifying and beautifying!


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Mere, ataraxic & veridical assumptions


i. The worst thing you can create for an inapt other is a self-belittling precedent.                                                                                                                                                
ii. The best thing you can erase is a rooted in turbid condescension story.

iii. The worst thing you can gain from an injustice is a smothering taste of malice.

iv. The best thing you can lose is soothing energy to a tormented soul.

v. The worst thing you can do is to wreck your unsteady ship of abiding beliefs in pursuit of perishable dreams on a barren terrain.

vi. The best thing you can undo is a madly woven mesh of illusory expectations which entangle the actual truth of nothingness, marring it with promissory doubt.

vii. The worst thing you can intuit or dread can almost never prove to be(come) the best thing on which your soul to spill its sheer rays and also be fed.


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