I can’t stand, nor understand…

People without moral integrity. I have seen so many times so many of them reiterating same irretrievable desecration…doing the wrong thing for the right person and the right thing for the wrong person.

The indolent beings that request lenity for their spineless acts of treachery and afterwards take offence when not granted or, captives of their self-delusion, distort the other’s immaculate real self with their own guilt as to absolve themselves. Those that can’t comprehend that, as a writer that I appreciate on this platform, Cristian Lisandru put it, there are only two options: being betrayed or not being betrayed; there is no such thing as betrayal no.1, no.2 and so on. Betrayal germinates at its inception, indelible as time’s flow through our transfiguring embodiment.

Those self-indulgent humans whose utter silence, in their vision, spares you suffering, when in fact it smothers you with inhuman hurt and reflects only the fact they don’t have even a speckle of respect for you…especially when you implore their brutal honesty, a limpid rejection or a monosyllabic explanation as elucidating closure

Why there are beings whose touching yet unrequired and unrequited love faithfully follows you year after year, seemingly undiminished by your own bitter refusal. The regret of not being able to reduce their affection to sheer friendship, the only relationship you could ever envisage with them…of being incapable to accept the secure destiny of caring endearment they offer you as you don’t sense an inexplicable chemistry that makes you gravitate towards them.

Why the bridges we laboriously construct between each other can’t be pure, genuine and straightforward, but collapse-forecasting threads of vanity and neurotic fears perennially creep upon their steely scaffold.

…mea culpa, I don’t indwell their thorny land


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We should apologise for our deliberate mirages


We should apologise…we, for whom the urgent subjects of our all sorts of infatuation are factually mere objects of our distorting imagination

We should recognise….that the reverse of nothing which becomes something and ultimately everything is our most dreaded yet habitual flaw

We should realise…sooner than later that we ought to proffer chances where unfailingly met with caring attitude and let go where shadows of intentional self-indulgence and sabotaging neglect struggle for supremacy

…but, oh, how seducing the grip of scented with happiness delusion is, for the mind incited with the ample beauty of amplifying and beautifying!


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Mere, ataraxic & veridical assumptions


i. The worst thing you can create for an inapt other is a self-belittling precedent.                                                                                                                                                
ii. The best thing you can erase is a rooted in turbid condescension story.

iii. The worst thing you can gain from an injustice is a smothering taste of malice.

iv. The best thing you can lose is soothing energy to a tormented soul.

v. The worst thing you can do is to wreck your unsteady ship of abiding beliefs in pursuit of perishable dreams on a barren terrain.

vi. The best thing you can undo is a madly woven mesh of illusory expectations which entangle the actual truth of nothingness, marring it with promissory doubt.

vii. The worst thing you can intuit or dread can almost never prove to be(come) the best thing on which your soul to spill its sheer rays and also be fed.


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